“To become a superior study program with International standards in 2030 that focuses on information and communication technology-based design and prioritizes aesthetics.”


1. Organize and develop professional, quality, creative and innovative civil engineering education programs with superior competency in the field of construction building design based on information and communication technology

2. Carrying out research in the field of infrastructure design and development based on quality information and communication technology and capable of solving problems in the scientific field of civil engineering

3. Carrying out quality community service and developing concepts in the field of civil engineering science in terms of disaster management and in terms of developing infrastructure for village and city facilities

4. Play an active role in management activities within the Indonesian Technocrat University environment in developing an academic atmosphere that is conducive towards international standard Good University Governance (GUG).


  1. Produce graduates who are independent, creative, innovative and competitive who are able to compete in the job market as well as skilled in engineering, technology and computer science with quality, entrepreneurial spirit, and virtuous character.
  2. Produce research products in the field of applied technology, services and ICT that are effective in supporting the acceleration of development in the Lampung region in particular and nationally in general.
  3. Increasing the number and services of innovation and the application of research results that are efficient and effective to improve the standard of living of the community, nation and mankind.
  4. Strengthening information and communication technology-based management systems in order to achieve international standard Good University Governance (GUG).